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Streamline Your Living Environment With A Trusted Age In Place Contractor In Philadelphia

Many senior citizens are fiercely protective of their independence. Relying too heavily on others can make them fearful of losing their autonomy. More importantly, elderly people are often afraid of becoming burdensome to the ones that they love. If your elderly family member will be moving into your home in the near future, the best way to show your joy is by working with an age in place contractor in Philadelphia. Streamlining your living environment to suit the needs of a senior relative will show this person just how welcome he or she truly is. At EZ Living Concepts, we offer a vast range of home improvement options to suit changing family dynamics.

One of the biggest projects that families can take on when supporting their elderly loved ones is the addition of an in-law unit. This is a fully contained space with its own entrance that a parent, aunt or uncle can live in on his or her own. When health problems arise, your loved one will be right within walking distance. Moreover, everyone in the family can retain their sense of personal space.

You might be moving someone into the actual primary building structure. If so, the bathroom and kitchen are vital places to start. You want to minimize all trip and fall hazards and create safe cooking and bathing spaces. This way, there will be limited risks of burns, broken bones, or other movement and activity related injuries.

In bathrooms, simple additions such as grab bars and shower chairs can make a world of difference for someone with compromised mobility. You also have the option of installing a walk-in tub, or turning the entire bathroom into a completely slip-proof and easy-to-use wet room. The options are virtually unlimited. In multi-level homes, it may even be necessary to install stair lift systems so that aging individuals can enjoy all levels of the building and can access all available activities and rooms.

With multi-level homes, stair lift systems don’t just make upper and lower floors more accessible. They also help keep aging adults connected with their families and with the different activities and events that are being hosted in the home. In many instances, this equipment is also a great preventative measure when it comes to avoid serious trip and fall injuries.

It is important to tailor your efforts to the unique needs of the individual you are accommodating. The aging process can affect different seniors in very different ways. Whether you loved one struggles with arthritis, Parkinson’s, or general joint discomfort, you want to be sure to create a living environment that this individual can enjoy from end to end. Get in touch with EZ Living Concepts today to find out how we can help you create the perfect home for aging in place.