In Home Elevators

Adding a fully functioning elevator to your home or business can be a big step in increasing mobility across your entire property–and at EZ Living Concepts, we can help you make an accurate and informed decision in selecting the best equipment that meets your needs. Our trained service technicians can even install and perform inspections for your residential or commercial elevators to ensure they are running smoothly and safely.

We invite you to take a closer look at some of our innovative and affordable home or office elevator options:

Stiltz Home Elevators

Fully suited for indoor or outdoor use, these compact, easy-to-fit elevators are ideal for use in your home because of their sleek design and adjustable fitting. EZ Living Concepts can help you select the perfect Stiltz home elevator and install your preferred model alongside stairwells, directly in your rooms, in your closets, or anywhere else that best suits your mobility needs.

Product Features:

  • Versatile equipment suited for home use in a variety of rooms

  • Compact design provides mobility without sacrificing home space

  • Twin rail support system provides safe functionality and stylish, modern appearance

  • Dual use remotes allow the elevator to serve as a dumbwaiter

  • Very affordable – requires minimal construction and maintenance costs due to small footprint and no need for structural walls

Savaria Eclipse Elevator

This innovative and efficient elevator is perfectly suited for home or office environments, and offers users flexibility and safety with a dynamic design. With a standard running speed of 40fpm, this fully-automatic elevator features remote controller usage, comes in a variety of color choices to meet your aesthetic preference, and modular rail selections for an efficient and adaptable installation process. Click Here to Watch a Video

Product Features:

  • Wide stable rail design to fit large wheelchairs

  • 2 hp motor

  • Energy efficient variable speed motor drive

  • Recessed (hide-away) gate pocket

  • Includes warranty which covers the repair or replacement of any defective part for a period of 26 months after the shipment date

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