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Stair Lift Installation In Philadelphia; A Guide For Comparing Residential Stair Lift Options

If you or your loved one has limited mobility, a top quality stair lift would make an outstanding investment. Being able to safely travel through flights of stairs can drastically improve the quality of your life. If you need stair lift installation in Philadelphia, we can help you choose the right medical equipment and also provide top quality customer service.

For you to choose the ideal equipment, you need to first get well acquainted with the available options. First, we have the straight stair lifts that are designed for stairways that do not have bends, turns or a landing. Installing this type of lift is quick and simple and we will simply install a rail on the treads and then attach the stair lift. You dont have to worry a bit about the installation as our expert stair lift installer will take care of that part.

In case your stairways have curves, spirals, and multiple landings, you should choose the curved stair lift. In this case, you can choose to have a seat that either swivels or is stationary. The standing lifts, on the other hand, are best for patients who have trouble bending their knees. This option tends to have a sleek design and it would therefore also be ideal for homes with narrow stairways. Our proficient technicians can ensure that you get a customized solution for your specific needs.

If you are dependent on your wheelchair, then the platform stair lifts would be an excellent option to consider. This kind of lifts can hold both scooters and wheelchairs and they are convenient for those with serious mobility concerns. For you to be able to access an elevated patio, the deck or the front steps to your premise, we recommend installing an outdoor stair lift.

Once our stair lift installer has installed your medical equipment, you must schedule for regular servicing. Preventative maintenance helps to ensure that your equipment serves you seamlessly for many years. We recommend scheduling for a maintenance check at least once each year.

You will also need to take good care of the rails. Rail care is easy, yet it assists greatly in keeping the entire stair lift in excellent shape. Simply ensure that there are no obstructions on the rails because they can cause damage or even accidents. Also, dust your rails at least once each week.

It is imperative to pay attention to the ride always. Take note of its performance when you use it and schedule for inspections, maintenance or repair services the instance you experience a bumpy ride or even hear unusual noises. Most issues are easy to fix if repairs are sought after in good time.