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Stair Lift Contractors In Philadelphia Outline Important Features To Look For In The Right Equipment

If you have limited mobility and you want to make your home more accessible, the need to find the right stairlift must not be underestimated. Even common issues like arthritis can make your stairways your worst enemy and a proper lift can restore your confidence in moving safely from one floor to another. This will by extension give you the ability to maintain your independence. We are the leading stair lift contractors in Philadelphia and there are certain features we strongly recommend.

Chair lifts can be as different as day and night when it comes to some of their features. For instance, you need to choose between an electric and battery operated equipment. While it may seem to make more sense to choose one that is electric, also consider the perks of the battery charged variety.

If your lift has a battery, it will still work when there is a power outage. However, it will take a while for you to charge the battery enough to use it. Electric models can on the other hand work with the flip of a switch. You need to decide which option works best for you.

It also makes sense to decide between safety and comfort options. Some stair lifts have impressive features such as footplates seat belts and foldable armrests and they are mainly designed for comfort. You must also consider equipment with safety options such as footrest sensors, controls that can sense when the stairs end and even a footrest sensor.

The dexterity accommodations of an appliance must also not escape your attention. In case you have a condition that limits the movement of your fingers and hands, you may find it beneficial to choose a stairlift with controls that are designed for easy operation. There are models that have remote controls and this means someone else can lend a hand with operation.

Chair lifts are not cheap appliances and that is why you need to consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Leading companies provide quality warranties as well as dependable customer support. We will stand by you all along and provide installs as well as repairs when needed.

To keep your stair lift in pristine state for longer, it will be necessary for you to get it routinely serviced. We provide reliable maintenance services and you could also contact us for inspections in case you suspect that something is amiss with the operations of the appliance. We can also guide you when choosing a stair-lift design that is perfect for your needs and stairways.