Why Choose A Residential Wheelchair Lift In Philadelphia?

Adapting to the use of a wheelchair or living with a person with mobility needs can be tough. However, installing a reliable wheelchair lift in your home can make these challenges infinitely easier. When presented with the task of securing the right residential wheelchair lift in Philadelphia, many consumers assume that the most feasible option is to move out of the home to a more accessible space. With EZ Living Concepts, this doesn’t have to be the case.

We offer handicap wheel-chair lifts for homes that can be quickly and easily installed by our team of professionals. Whether you require a full enclosure or a mobile platform, we have different residential lifts options for you to choose from. We have served thousands of customers, giving us ample experience and the ability to meet a very diverse range of needs.

We can assist you in designing, choosing, and installing the best wheel-chair elevator for home use. We understand that apart from functionality, home wheel-chair lifts have to be convenient and comfortable for you and also your family. We take the overall design of a home, number of steps, and your needs into consideration when coming up with a specific solution.

Our professionals work closely with our clients to design the best options for individual, family, sporadic, or daily use. Whether you wish to have a vertical lift that fits a full wheel-chair or an inclined residential wheel-chair elevator, we always ensure needs-specific services are supplied. Our geared belt system also eliminates the possibility of belt spillage.

When purchasing handicap lifts for a home, many things must be considered. This includes whether the solution is sustainable, who will provide the training, and who will homeowners turn to for maintenance. We at EZ Living Concepts are the top professionals in lifts, elevators, and any other mechanical and accessibility-related needs. We not only install these systems, but we also offer repair and maintenance services. We are one of the best firms in this industry and you can always count on us when in need of a wheel-chair elevator for your home use.