Learn The Hidden Maintenance Tips You Can Acquire From Experienced Power Scooter Dealers Near Me

Are you looking for power scooter dealers in Philadelphia, PA? EZ Living Concepts has the best power scooter dealers in Philadelphia, PA! Call 610-583-9000 today for a free estimate! At some point, people with special needs must research and acquire mobility scooters that suit their needs for enhanced living. Reliable dealers also go ahead to customize their mobility aids to match the preferences of every client. However, the work does not stop at this point. These devices are significant investments and users ought to make sure they last for an extended period. As such, regular inspection and maintenance is essential to keep the machines operational. The discussion below outlines the top maintenance tips you can get from the power scooter dealers near me.


Mobility power scooters get their power from rechargeable batteries that manufacturers install. We recommend proper battery maintenance to keep you scooter functional at all times. When purchasing mobility devices from our stores, we take time to explain to you all the essential details and battery care. We also provide you with a comprehensive user manual to help you know how to maintain a functional battery in your scooter. You can recharge some batteries any time you like while there are those that you can only charge when they are completely discharged.

Regular Cleaning

Mobility vehicles need routine cleaning for a stylish appearance and keep them in good condition as part of key maintenance practices. It is essential to ensure dust, debris and dirt does not accumulate in any part of your WHILL personal electric vehicles. Ensure you use soft damp cloth to clean the outer parts of the device when doing light cleaning. It will be imperative to acquire recommended cleaners when doing heavy duty cleaning for perfection. Remember to clean the underside of your scooters and the part around the battery terminals.

Avoid Moisture

It is important to keep the mobility device dry even after finishing the routine maintenance. Always protect the scooters from extreme temperature and rain to keep them in good shape at all times. Luckily, we provide you with a wrap to cover your devices whenever you come for limited mobility scooters for sale. Once they are not in use or when you need to store them for an extended period. Alternatively, you may visit us to acquire additional accessories to further protect your mobility devices.

Check Tyres

We highly recommend that you keep an eye on the air pressure in each tyre if your scooters use pneumatic tyres. Mobility scooters will always offer you smooth ride both indoors and outdoors when the air pressure is okay. Also, maintaining the right air pressure in the tyres will increase their longevity such that you do not have to replace them frequently.