How To Get A Wheel Chair Lift Installation In Philadelphia

When a loved one has lost their mobility, there are a lot of life changes that need to happen. Some of those changes need to happen at home so that they can get around easier in a wheelchair. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor wheelchair lift installation in Philadelphia, we here at EZ Living Concepts can assist you with our wealth of knowledge about the best equipment for your mobility needs.

We have experts in this field who are happy to sit with you and answer any questions you may have about the equipment. We can pinpoint your exact needs in order to provide you with the best options. Once we figure out what you need, our technicians can go to your home or place of business and install everything to get you going quickly and easily.

We only offer the highest quality brands and models so you know that your life will last. A good example of this is the Savaria V-1504 platform lifts, which are reliable and well constructed. These are a workhorse, providing you with lifting capabilities in nearly any setting, whether commercial or residential. EZ Living Concepts is also proud to offer the Savaria Multi-Lift model, which can move up to 6 feet. It is a reliable daily option that gets the job done.

If your home has only a small area around the stairs and you need an option that does not block them, then the Delta Inclined Lift is likely for you. This has a small platform that folds to the side, so very little precious space is taken up while still offering you all the features of a regular, stationary model.

Of course, in order to make use of an indoor stair lift, you need to have a way for the person to get inside. While some homes have room in the yard for a wheelchair-accessible ramp, many simply do not have the space. In these cases, a compact EZ-Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift can be installed. This is perfect for pathways, platforms, and porches, and it is virtually silent so it will not disturb your neighbors.

We operate in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, including Wilmington, Allentown, Prospect Park, Atlantic City, Sea Isle and more. Call us for an appointment and to see if