Give Your Parents A Comfortable Place To Stay With The Top Home Mobility Services In Philadelphia

If your aging parents are finding it increasingly difficult to get around, making minor changes to the living environment could be essential for safely accommodating their needs. This is especially true in areas with major transitions in elevations, the kitchen and the bathrooms. Following are some of the impressive benefits that you can gain by working with the right home mobility services in Philadelphia.

EZ Living Concepts is committed to implementing convenient, affordable and highly functional plans for overcoming the challenges of limited mobility. For instance, you can have secure, grab bars installed in your bathrooms for preventing dangerous slip and fall injuries. Slip-proof surfaces can be added to bathing areas as well in order to make it easier for aging adults to get into and out of the bathing and showering areas safely.

Some elderly people prefer to take care of their personal hygiene in wet-rooms. These spaces are large, showering areas that have been treated with waterproof, slip-proof coatings. They are easy to clean and large enough to permit wheelchairs, walkers and other essential, assistive devices. For those with a bit more money to spend, there is also the option of having a walk-in bathtub installed.

When it comes to improving accessibility to top floor locations, you can work with these professionals to have a motorized chairlift installed. This way, your elderly loved one never has to manually climb or descend the stairs again. This is a great way to ensure that aging adults have access to all levels and areas of the home, even after negotiating the stairs has become too much of a challenge. Additions like these can be especially ideal for people who are living with degenerative, age-related diseases that impact their coordination and motor control such as Parkinson’s.

By upgrading and improving the property in order to make it more supportive of an elderly adult, you can help your loved one maintain a high sense of both independence and autonomy. This makes it easier for people to confront the inevitability of growing older. It also allows them to lead full, normal and ultimately happy lives.

It is additionally important to note that making the living environment more accessible to aging adults also makes many age in place plans feasible. Implementing the right home changes to accomplish this is often significantly cheaper than paying the high costs of long-term living facilities. For many elderly people, it is considerably more pleasant as well.