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Factors To Consider When Selecting Automated Stairlifts

If you are finding it hard to go up or down the stairs, it is time to do something about it. It could be because you are sick or because you sustained an injury that has greatly affected you. If you live in a storied house, you can still be able to use all the floors of the house as usual. This is with the help of automated stairlifts. Here are some factors that you should keep in mind if you are considering having them installed.

The dimensions of your house matter. This is especially the staircase. You will have to take the measurements of the stars from top to down. Also, the width of the stairs has to be measured too. This will help the company determine what size of chair is the most suitable one of all since the chairs come in different sizes.

Your lifestyle also matters. This is whether other people use the stairs as well so that the installation company can leave enough space for people to go up and down. They can install a lift that can be folded up when it is not in use, so that other people can comfortably use the stairs. In addition, your weight matters too. If you are on the heavy side, they will install heavy duty stairs, but if you are on the lighter side, they can install regular lifts.

It matters whether your staircase is straight or curved. It is much easier to install the lifts on straight staircases rather than on curved ones. This also applies to wheelchair lifts. Lifts installed on straight staircases cannot work on curved ones. If your staircase is surveyed, you need to get a lift that can negotiate corners and even move in the reverse direction.

Check whether the lift is powered by electricity or whether it is battery powered. The advantage of battery powered ones is that they can be able to work even when there is a power blackout.

Take into consideration the seat of the chair or the carriage, as it is usually referred to. This includes things like how high it is. It should be low enough for you to get on it. Also, consider whether the chair swivels or not. If it does not swivel, then you will have to get on it from the upper step or the lower one. It is also important that the seat has a seat belt on, which must always be strapped when using the chair.

Consider your budget. Buying a new lift might be expensive. You can buy a second hand one or a refurbished one if you are on a tight budget. If you are only planning on using it for a short period of time, consider renting one instead of buying it.

Think about whether you want the lift installed indoors or outdoors as well. If you want it placed outside, get one which is weatherproof, so that it does not get damaged easily, as a result of harsh weather elements. In addition, a standing lift is also available.