Discover How WHILL Personal Electric Vehicles Enhance Autonomy And User Friendly Experience

Do you need quality power scooters in Philadelphia, PA? EZ Living Concepts has the most reliable power scooters in Philadelphia, PA! Call 610-583-9000 today for a free estimate! The use of personal electric scooters in cities and streets worldwide has increased in the recent past. These mobility devices have a huge impact in helping people with movement restrictions perform activities of daily living with ease. The invention of autonomous electric scooters with advanced technology and AI features has revolutionized this sector that initially relied on conventional wheelchairs. This post describes how WHILL personal electric vehicles enhance autonomy and boost user experience.

Safe, Easy and Cool mode of Transport

The founding members at WHILL sought to design revolutionary personal mobility vehicles after wheelchair users reported challenges using such means in public. Wheelchairs acted as a conspicuous marker of disabilities. Their manufacturers then focused on functionality other than customization and design, unlike modern mobility vehicles. WHILL addressed these drawbacks by creating excellent design and powering it with modern technology. Our latest models have LIDAR sensors and cameras to detect and prevent obstructions. Also, they have an automatic stop option, the same as autonomous driving vehicles.

Latest Technology

These modern scooters give users peace of mind and independence as they receive premium support from embedded artificial intelligence innovations. These include the latest internet and Bluetooth connectivity for Android and iPhone users who buy our Ci models. You can easily lock and unlock your scooter for security and select the right driving mode suitable for your needs. As a reliable WHILL power chair dealer, our advanced Model Ci scooters allow you to access battery health and crucial device information for essential updates.

Value for Money

The manufacturers of these mobility scooters focus on affordability to make the advanced vehicle available to everyone. The current price tag for quality power scooters for sale Philadelphia, PA may appear higher than the cost of conventional wheelchairs, but they are excellent value for money due to their advanced features. The futuristic features in these models make them ideal for facilities such as shopping malls, airports, hospitals and other public avenues that can use our autonomous vehicles among customers.

Potential for Assistive Technology

The assistive technologies space is in its initial stages but is estimated to be a thriving sector in future. WHILL is perfectly positioned to be among the leading players in this sector with IoT technology and innovative designs. There is a huge potential for using these designs in expansive urban areas that depend on public transport and crowded spaces.