Accommodate Your Age In Place Relative With Home Mobility Contractors In Philadelphia

If you are in the process of moving an aging relative into your home, you’re certainly not alone. Lots of seniors are choosing to co-habitate with their younger family members as a means for saving cash. This strategy also gives elderly people the ability to enjoy comfortable, familiar environments while remaining constantly surrounded by caring for loved ones and friends. To make this effort as safe, smooth and seamless as it can possibly be, however, you should consider working with home mobility contractors in Philadelphia.

There are a number mobility and cognitive changes that your loved one is likely to experience as time goes on. For some people, the aging process can lead to changes in balance and movement that greatly increase the likelihood of trip and fall accidents. This is especially true for seniors who are living with Parkinson’s and other progressive, neurological disorders that affect movement.

For instance, your family member might have a slow, shuffling gait and an inability to lift his or her feet high when taking steps. In these instances, going up and down the stairs without falling can be a real challenge. Many homeowners choose to install stairlift systems. With this equipment, trip and fall accidents are less likely to occur and seniors with compromised mobility can safely maintain complete access to all areas of the abode.

Another change that you might want to make is to create bathrooms that are more accessible. Even getting into and out of the tub can be challenging for an elderly person. The installation of walk-in tubs and wet rooms are several ways to overcome this challenge. Grab bars and other assistive and safety appliances can make your family member feel more secure. Changes like these can additionally help elderly people maintain their sense of independence and autonomy.

When it comes to making any significant, structural improvements or upgrades to your home, you always want to make sure that these changes are done properly. This way, your house can continue to pass pre-purchase inspections and you won’t run into any problems in failing to comply with local building codes or obtain the necessary permitting. When professionals handle these jobs, you can rest assured that the resulting enhancements are safe and reliable.

At EZ Living Concepts, we understand the challenges that elderly people and their loved ones face when it comes to adapting living environments to constantly changing needs. This is why we offer a vast range of adaptive, assistive solutions for addressing all needs and all levels of mobility. With our help, we can make sure that your senior family members remain confident, capable and comfortable, all throughout their golden years.