A Perfect Guide To Identifying Suitable Limited Mobility Scooters For Sale

The use of appropriate mobility devices can bring immense convenience when performing activities of daily living. The biggest hurdle remains in identifying and acquiring the suitable device that suits your specific needs. However, the whole process of acquiring your ideal scooter can be easy if you have the correct information and work with established dealers. The discussion below focuses on helping you with an expert guide to acquiring suitable Limited mobility scooters for sale.


Some mobility scooters in our stores can travel reasonably long distances, but such capacity depends on several factors. Firstly, the terrain you intend to use the scooter on will make a huge impact. If the road is soft and uneven, the devices will use more power from the batteries, which will decrease the range. The road inclination will also determine how far you can go with movement devices. A slight gradient will drain your batteries quicker than when using flat and even surfaces.

Storage and Charge

Some scooters are large enough to occupy a significant part of your home for storage. We have legal road devices that you need to have a space in your garage for storage. Alternatively, we can provide you with a unique shed to facilitate device storage. It is essential to ensure you can charge your limited mobility devices wherever you store it. Leaving small models in your car is fine so long as you can access the batteries for indoor charging. If you want to store the devices indoors, make sure they do not block any exits or get damaged at any point.


At EZ Living Concepts, we have boot car devices, folding models, and others that use lithium batteries if you rule out road-legal options. If you decide to get limited mobility vehicles that you can easily transport in your car, it is prudent to choose lightweight models. Visit our showroom to assess the weight and pick a convenient scooter for your travels. The space in your car will also determine the choice that you make. Some of the available models have unique travel cases to facilitate every trip.


The size of a scooter, its features, and its manufacturer determine the price in every store. You may also want devices with advanced features such as a light tubular frame, easy to fold into the boots, and lithium battery. Contact us for a comprehensive guide and free quotation to help you choose devices that fit your need without exposing you to substantial financial strain.