Stair Lifts

At EZ Living Concepts, we know that providing a safe and reliable stairlift can be the best method to enhance the mobility and comfort for an employee or a loved one. We guarantee to bring the best and most affordable stairlift options to serve your specific needs. High quality, certified pre-owned rental straight stairlift options available. Our top brand of stairlift is Handicare International. When you reach out to EZ Living Concepts, we’ll listen to your preferences and provide you with multiple functional options that fit seamlessly into your home or business.

Handicare 1100 Straight Stairlift

The Handicare 1100 Straight Stairlift features next-generation technology with an ultra-streamlined design that takes up less space on your stairs. The Patented Multi-Drive System will ensure your stairlift is operating at peak levels at all times with no reduction in performance ever.

With the 1100, we eliminated the traditional tooth rack model and invested in a Friction Drive System. With no gear rack, we achieved a quieter, smoother, more robust stairlift that’s much easier to maintain. The modern aesthetic combined with stylish design allows the 1100 to blend into any environment, becoming a complementary piece in your home.

Handicare 1000 Stairlift

When the Handicare 1000 was originally designed, we carefully considered safety, ease of use, and comfort, as well as the visual appeal the product can add to any home. Thanks to extensive consultation with leading healthcare specialists, the project resulted in a lift that continues to exceed all customer expectations. Put simply, no other stairlift on the market offers as many exclusive features and options or looks as good as the Handicare.

All Handicare seats are supplied with wipe clean, flame retardant upholstery in a choice of four colors. You can even replace upholstery later should you wish to change your color scheme. With a Handicare lift you can regain your independence without compromising your décor.

The stylish aluminum track of the Handicare 1000 takes up but a few inches of your stairway, and when folded up, the stairlift will take up minimal room at the base of your stairs. This feature is also available as a manual or remote controlled powered option. Click Here to Watch a Video

Handicare Freecurve Stairlift

Like the Handicare 1000, the Handicare Freecurve curved unit is designed to be comfortable, easy to use, and maintain a discreet appearance in your home. No other curved track available can be fitted closer to the wall and leave so much free space on your stairs. This system has enabled Handicare to offer the tightest inside turns available in the industry.

Although the Handicare Handicare Freecurve uses a different track system to the straight 1000 lift, almost all of the features are common between the two systems. In fact, like the 1000 the Handicare Handicare Freecurve is available with more options than any other curved lift, and will easily hug the wall of even the most narrow or curved stairways. With a top overrun you can simply step off the unit onto the landing without the need to swivel the seat. Click Here to Watch a Video

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